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Check out the cool stuff we've made

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Our volunteers create all kinds of cool stuff used to support 

                                        Mental Health,

                                    Behavioral Health and

                                 Physical Disability needs. 

Did You Know?
We don't just provide equipment and services to families at home, we also serve community schools, residential facilities and other non-profit organizations too!


 Wheelchair Ponchos  

Activity Books


Wayward's Wheelchair Ponchos are all custom created. 

  • They easily slip over the wheelchair user and the chair itself.

  • A simple tie design holds the wheelchair poncho in place keeping the user dry from head to toe. The ties are placed to ensure the poncho is clear of the wheels and moving parts for safe use while in motion.

  • Light- Weight , Heavy- Weight, lap, and full-sized options shield users from wind and chilly weather. 

  • Our Wheelchair Ponchos are easy to care for and machine washable. 

The pictured ponchos, sensory books, fidgets and wheelchair tray covers were part of a lot of over 100 items created as part of our Community Support Project for residents at the Walter Lawson Childrens Home.

Wayward's fabric activity books are custom created with fun and educational activities. You can use these to teach new skills at home or in the classroom. They can also be used to occupy a child’s time during a trip (in the car, on the train), while waiting at the doctor’s office or elsewhere.  This can be especially helpful for someone who struggles with transitions.


 A child who plays with an activity book can get so many beneficial life skills, together with developing fine motor skills.

1. Developmental benefits

      • fine motor skills development

      • hand-eye coordination

      • problem solving

      • gumption

      • attention

      • spatial imagination

      • logical thinking

2. Learning skills

      • mathematical (numbers and counting)

      • creative skills

      • main colours

      • sorting and matching

      • geometrical shapes

      • spelling

3. Practical Life Skills

      • buttoning

      • zipper

      • shoe lacing

      • braid making

      • weaving

      • tying bow


 Each of our books are unique and handcrafted by our team of volunteers. Our book pieces are large and easy to grab and everything is machine washable. 

Wheelchair Tray Covers, Fidget Bags, Lap Pads,


Users of all ages benefit from sensory and activity lap pads and tray covers.   These wheelchair covers we're designed with inspiration from a tray cover created for a resident of WLCH by their family.

(We never got to meet the creator but we wanna give props to whoever that was because it was such a cool idea!) Fidget Tray Covers are secured by Velcro strap underneath the tray or elastic corners designed to fit most standard wheelchair trays.  Fidgets come in all other forms too such as handheld, pocket sized, lap-sized, and even come in tons of other materials like recycled plastic jars, vacuum sealed or zip-lock bags and more!


Fidget items are some of our favorite stuff to make. Especially when it takes us on adventures for recyclable items!

Benefits of using a fidget lap pad / tray covers include:

  • Inducing relaxation

  • Improving learning through sensory integration and help with concentration

  • Reducing agitation 

  • Reducing anxiety through grounding

  • Overcoming tactile defensiveness 

  • Providing sensory input to the upper legs and waist, helping with focus and reducing fidgeting-(when item is weighted)

  • Offering an outlet for unchanneled energy

  • Improving readiness to participate in learning

  • Providing a sense of calm and clarity.

  • Engagement in skill learning or activity.

These items can benefit users of ALL AGES .

Much like a weighted blanket, but on a smaller scale, a weighted lap pad, vest or weighted item is a sensory tool that offers proprioceptive or deep touch pressure to a person’s body when used. Weighted items are particularly helpful for people with sensory processing disorder, attentional difficulties, and autism because proprioceptive input has a calming, grounding effect. 

Who can benefit from weighted items??

Children and adults alike find weighted items to be helpful in self-regulation. People who benefit include those diagnosed with:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD),

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),

  • Psychiatric disorders (mood disorder, depression, anxiety, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder),

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Weighted items are often used in classrooms to provide some sensory input and help students stay seated and focused. Adults who use full-sized weighted blankets at home may find that weighted lap pads are more discreet and portable for the workplace. 

We use poly plastic pellets in all our weighted items that are completely washable. We also customize  new and gently used stuffed animals and plushies into weighted emotional support buddies . 

Activity Books

Wheelchair Tray Covers, Fidget Bags, Lap Pads,

Weighted items and Emotional Support Buddies

Weighted items and Emotional Support Buddies

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