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Pay It Forward






What Is PIF?

PIF stands for “Pay It Forward”

“It’s a program inspired by the power of giving and supporting one another through generosity and compassion.”

                       -Elly Van Mill

      Founder/CEO The Wayward Society Corp

PIF offers area residents; donated gently used home goods and specialty home care supplies/ equipment called Fresh Start Collections to individuals and families enrolled in our BCM program.

The PIF team works closely alongside our Blended Case Management team to assist families who are in transition from homelessness or in crisis obtain basic necessities such as food, clothing, hotel vouchers etc. 

****Due to limited supplies and funding, Fresh Start Collections are ONLY available to families and individuals currently enrolled in our BCM program***

How it Works

Our team of volunteers wash and clean donated items. After a final inspection of home care equipment/supplies by a qualified professional the equipment is given to someone in need.

PIF also supports local schools and other organizations through collection drives and specialty projects like creating adaptive or sensory stuff to aid in daily living, mental and behavioral health!

Arts and Crafts Supplies Drives

from one-on-one mindfulness sessions to sewing and craft projects to group mindfulness workshops, we use tons of art and sewing supplies around here!

ALL arts, crafts, sewing, specialty and hobby supplies are welcome and accepted through this program. 

Got a cool skill or project you'd like to share? Sign up to teach a workshop with us!

No experience required, all ages welcome.


Acceptable PIF donations include:

diapers (child and adult sizes), baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, 

incontinence pads/ liners, feminine hygiene products, toiletries, cleaning products, first aid supplies, mobility aids like canes, wheelchairs or walkers, hospital beds and other home medical equipment, gas cards, grocery store/ fast food gift cards, art/ craft/sewing supplies.

Fresh Start Collection requests are different for each family, so we only collect on a case-by-case basis. All requests are announced through Facebook and partner networks only. 

All items donated are used to assist local families in need, local schools and other organizations we work with.

We offer short-term and long-term case management to help adults and families live successfully and independently. Our case managers provide support for individuals who are at the greatest risks and need life-changing assistance. Individuals enrolled are connected to care coordination, housing support, coordinating of mental and behavioral health supports, intensive goal planning and crisis action/prevention support.

Depending on a person’s needs, services include:

  • Office-based, Telehealth, and/or Home Visit appointments

  • Assessment

  • Case planning/management

  • Advocacy

  • Care coordination

  • Housing coordination

  • Mentorship and check-ins

  • Crisis evaluation and assistance

  • Connection to community wellness and social activities

  • Prevention education/training

  • Mental Health/ Behavioral support

Costs for services are covered by community fundraising and donations.

Wayward is a member of the IRIS referral network. IRIS is a digital referral system utilized community-wide in Winnebago and Boone counties with allied service providers. Our Partnership with this network helps us close gaps in services by working closely with member organizations to ensure we meet the needs of the families we serve. 

Expressive Arts Program

As a result of our work the last 2 years, our Wellness Without Walls Initiative now support adults and families enrolled in crisis/ community support services within Winnebago County as they create art, build community, and reduce stigma. 


This program offers unique mindfulness activities for all ages, in-person drop-in opportunities for community-building, connection to local resources and even virtual crafting workshops!

Structured and welcoming wellness activities are offered in-person at our main office location in Rockford, IL

Community Education 

This is where the work we do with our community partners gets to shine!

Together we present a variety of life safety and prevention education topics to audiences of all ages and child serving organizations. 


Topics include:

In person and Online safety

Child/human trafficking

Abuse Reporting

Life Safety

First Aid/CPR

Emergency Preparedness for medically complex families and more!

Check out our Community Partner Page to meet our world changing crew!

Interested in joining our Wayward team? Contact us to apply.

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